Frequently Asked Questions


Aquatica is not included in your SeaWorld San Antonio admission, but SeaWorld admission is required for entry to Aquatica.

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Admission Includes

All slides, rides, pools and beach are included with park admission. Food, merchandise, Cabanas, lockers are optional and available an additional cost. Capacity is limited. 

Ride Information

At Aquatica San Antonio, safety is the only consideration that takes precedence over fun! Thrill rides, by their very nature, create forces and speeds that may not be acceptable or tolerable to some guests and may cause injury to some riders with known or unknown preexisting conditions.

Many theme park rides incorporate safety systems designed by the manufacturer to accommodate people of average physical stature and body proportion. These systems may place restrictions on the ability of an individual to safely experience the ride. In general, you should ride only if you are in good health. Do not ride if you know or suspect you may be pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart, neck or back problems, motion sickness, recent surgery, or any other medical condition that may be affected by the features of the ride. You should not ride if you have any impairment or condition that would prevent the intended use of seating and safety restraints as provided or an inability to follow any safety requirement.

In order to ride, guests must must review and comply with requirements posted at each attraction; those under 42 inches are recommended to wear a life vest and must be accompanied by an adult.  Guests must be able to maintain the proper riding position throughout the ride. Guests must be able to demonstrate a willingness and ability to comply with verbal and written rider requirements. The rider requirements and health restrictions are listed at the entrance of each ride.

Guests with casts or braces that may present a hazard to the guest or others will be restricted from riding certain rides. Please consult with our Information Center staff for more information or if in doubt about your ability to safely experience a ride.

Aquatica San Antonio team members can offer assistance steadying a guest transferring to or from a wheelchair. They may not lift or assist in lifting anyone using a wheelchair. All guests must be able to board a ride themselves or with help from a member of their party. The maturity level of any rider must be considered prior to riding.

For complete accessibility information, click here.

Water Health & Safety Information

Know how to be cool at the pool. Play and swim with these six simple tips: Learn More

ATM and Credit Cards

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and JCB are accepted at all ticket booths, restaurants and gift shops with proper identification. Sorry, personal checks not accepted.

ATMs are located in Waterstone Grill and Kiwi Traders.

Discovery Dollars

With Discovery Dollars you can make purchases all day without carrying cash. Simply use your credit card or cash to set up a spending account. In return, you’ll be issued waterproof wristbands for the whole family. Use it to charge purchases throughout the park. Your account will automatically settle at the end of each day. It’s a smart and convenient way to swim, slide, splash, eat and ride without worrying about misplacing your cash or credit cards. For more information, click here.

Food and Beverage Policy

Restaurants and concession stands are conveniently located throughout the park. Click here for SeaWorld's food and beverage policy, which applies inside Aquatica.

Inclement Weather

Guests adversely affected by severe weather on the day of their visit can redeem their paid admission tickets for a non-transferable, non-refundable re-admit ticket. The new re-admit ticket is valid for a single day admission and must be redeemed within 1 year from the date of issuance. Rain guarantee re-admit tickets are processed only on the day of the visit at Guest Services. If a re-admit ticket for a rain day is issued, guest must leave the park for the day. The guarantee does not apply to Pass products (Fun Card, 1 Year, or Platinum).


Lockers are located throughout Aquatica™ San Antonio and can be rented in front of Adaptations gift shop. You may also reserve your locker online and redeem your reservation at Guest Services.

Lost and Found

Guests are asked to claim or report lost items to Guest Services. Aquatica™ San Antonio is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken items. Items are kept at Lost and Found for seven days. For information regarding a lost article, please call 800-700-7786.

Lost or Stolen Passes

Reprints will be issued at the Will Call/Voucher window just outside and to the right of the Entrance turnstiles. Adults must present valid government-issued photo identification in order to receive their reprinted passports. A $5 replacement fee will be assessed for lost or stolen passports.

Military Discounts

The Waves of Honor program is not valid for Aquatica™ San Antonio. You may proceed to Aquatica™ San Antonio's Guest Services and purchase an Aquatica™ Single Day Ticket for $25.


Aquatica San Antonio is located inside SeaWorld's gates. Guests will park in SeaWorld's main parking lot. For more information and to purchase your parking ticket, click here.

Ride Requirements

Guests must review and comply with requirements posted at each attraction; those under 42 inches are recommended to wear a life vest and must be accompanied by an adult.

Life Vests 
Safety is our No. 1 concern, therefore, we recommend that guests under 48" wear a life vest. Please see specific ride regulation signs for details. Personal life vests that are in good condition and clearly marked approved by the USCG - Type II or III may be worn at Aquatica™ San Antonio if approved and tagged by our staff. Please visit Guest Services for details. 

Floatation devices such as noodles, swimmies, in-suit floatation devices, personal swim rings/floats and boogie boards are not permitted.

Rider Height Requirements
Stingray Falls - riders must be 36" tall
Walhalla Wave - riders must be 48" tall
Woohoo Falls - riders must be 42" tall
Kiwi Curl - riders must be 48" tall
Cutback Cove - riders must be 42" tall and are required to have a lifevest
HooRoo Run - riders must be 42" tall
Tassie's Twisters - riders must be 48" tall
Zippity Zappity - riders must be under 48" tall

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment™ facilities. Service animals are limited to dogs and miniature horses that have been individually trained to do work or perform task for the benefit of an individual with a disability.

Service animals must remain on a leash or harness and/or under the control of its handler at all times and be house broken. If at any time your service animal’s behavior is out of control, you will be asked to remove your service animal from the premises. Service animals must remain a reasonable distance from the park’s resident animals.

Due to the nature of Aquatica’s pools and attractions, service animals are not permitted. To experience a ride or attraction, the animal may be left with a non-rider. If a non-rider is not available to watch the animal while a disabled guest is riding the ride, a temporary pen will be provided. Please contact Guest Services for additional information.

“Break” Area for Service Animals
For your convenience, a service animal “Relief Area” is located next to Kata’s Kookaburra Cove.

Smoking Policy

For the comfort and safety of all of our guests, smoking is permitted in the park in designated smoking areas only. Aquatica's designated area is conveniently located and is clearly marked on park maps.

Unaccompanied Minors

Except when participating in an event intended for young guests such as our Camps, sleepovers, and educational programs, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment suggests that visitors 13 and younger be accompanied by an adult. To participate in the Stingray Encounter, anyone 14 and younger must be accompanied by a paid adult. Children under 42" tall must be accompanied by a paid adult.

Wheelchair and Stroller Rental

Strollers and wheelchairs are permitted inside Aquatica™ San Antonio. For more information about renting yours at SeaWorld, click here.

Water Safety

At Aquatica, we have more than 100 certified guards to supervise water attractions and activities. There is also a first-aid station staffed by emergency medical technicians.

Capacity Limitations

Aquatica™ San Antonio is subject to capacity limitations and may temporarily close if capacity is met. During a period when the park is closed, you may text "Aquatica" to 90210 to receive notice when the park is reopened.

Proper Attire

All guests inside Aquatica™ San Antonio must wear appropriate swimwear. Clothing with zippers, buckles, buttons, denim, and rivets are prohibited.

SeaWorld Policies

All SeaWorld rules and policies apply inside Aquatica™ San Antonio. Click here for SeaWorld FAQ.