Loggerhead Lane

Take a load off your feet and hop on a lazy river ride down Loggerhead Lane.

This leisurely raft ride takes you through an underwater world colored by exotic tropical fish.

  • Guests under 48" (1.22m) must wear a life vest.
  • Tubes are required in this attraction. One rider only in a single tube; one or two riders only in a double tube.
  • Life vests are permitted.
  • No flipping or stacking of tubes.
  • Do not form chains.
  • No stopping at any point.
  • Swimwear with exposed metal, zippers, buckles, rivets or belts are not permitted.
  • This is a leisurely ride, please conduct yourself accordingly.
  • Obey all posted signs and instructions by lifeguard.
  • Riders of this attraction will be exposed to forces, speeds and other intense features that may cause distress or injury to persons with pre-existing health conditions. Please consider these features in determining suitability for all riders.
  • Do not swallow the pool water, it is recirculated.
  • Do not use pool if you are ill with diarrhea.
  • Aquatica assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged items.