Thank you for a great 2017. Aquatica San Antonio will reopen Spring 2018.

KeRe Reef

This tropical reef offers guests a chance to see several species of fish and stingrays. Despite the name stingray, these animals are as harmless as they are mesmerizing. Rays are more than 500 species of flattened fish that are closely related to sharks. Rays and sharks have skeletons made of cartilage (like in your nose and ears) instead of bone and breathe through five or six gill slits. Rays slowly swim above the seafloor, searching for clams, crabs, shrimps, squid, and fishes hidden in the sand. They use suction to pull prey into their mouths and then crush through any hard shells with rows of flattened teeth.

Ray Feeding

All guests who enter Aquatica™ San Antonio will have the opportunity to see several species of stingrays and fish at Ke-Re Reef. For a small fee, you can feed Cownose Stingrays right at the pool’s ledge! Reservations are not necessary for this experience.

Stingray Encounter

Wade in the water with these beautiful animals and get up-close to stingrays like never before. Make reservations >