Aquatica San Antonio will open March 10, 2018.

Woohoo Falls®

Thrill-seeking guests experience speed and high wall turns down an enclosed flume, ranging more than 450 feet long.

Please be aware that riders are not allowed to wear shoes or shirts.

Guests using wheelchairs will need to transfer from their wheelchair to ascend the steps. Guests will need to be able to position themselves appropriately to ride each slide and exit catch pool (three feet, five inches in depth). Guests may need assistance from a member of their party to complete this process.

In order to ride WooHoo Falls®, guests must meet the following criteria:

  • Ability to maintain the proper riding position throughout the ride
  • Control of upper torso – including head and neck
  • Ability to hold on with one functioning hand
  • Ability to brace self with one functioning leg
  • Ability to enter and exit the ride without endangering self or others
  • Appropriate observed conduct

Full or braced arm casts, full and lower leg casts, or brace between legs are not permitted. Pad required for wrist or forearm casts and exposed metal on prosthetic devices.


This is abbreviated accessibility information. For the complete guide, click here.