Aquatica San Antonio will open March 10, 2018.

Splashes & Waves

Come to Aquatica and enjoy relaxing pools or kid-friendly activities.

Loggerhead Lane

Hop in a tube, swim, walk or float and enjoy a relaxing time along a winding, 1,200-foot-long water route enhanced by tunnel jets, foam shooters and misters.

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Big Surf Shores

The avid body surfer can kick it up at this huge wave pool where guests splash in over 400,000 gallons of water with swells of up to 5 feet.

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Walkabout Waters

This 3-story, interactive, outdoor funhouse provides countless ways to get wet and stay cool.

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Whanau Waters®

Featuring naturalistic rockwork, these inviting pools are the perfect spot to relax. Guests can unwind with shallow water swimming and cool waterfalls.

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Kata's Kookaburra Cove®

Little ones can splash safely in this 3,000-square-foot area where whimsical sea creatures are welcoming play elements for tiny tots to enjoy.

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Slippity Dippity®

A separate pool for families with toddlers gives guests plenty of choices for taking a dip. Kids enjoy several small slides and water play elements.

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Cutback Cove

Adjacent to the wave pool, this 3,360-square-foot big kids’ tropical activity pool features a corkscrew water slide, inviting waterfalls and poolside lounge chairs for sunbathers.

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